Pet Hero Awards


By showcasing these outstanding contributions, we hope to inspire everyone to become involved in defending the rights of animals. Pet Hero Awards promote public awareness of the causes that protect our animals. The Pet Hero Awards celebrate individuals, associations, professionals, pets and business organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving and protecting animal lives. Our belief is by recognizing role models, others will aspire to excellence, as well. Our Advisory Board Members are solely responsible nominating  potential Pet Hero Award candidates. It is essential that this group be totally committed to our cause and willing to invest the time and/or financial commitment necessary to keep our awards program standards of excellence intact.



























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2015 Pet Hero Award Winners

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Dr. Neal Barnard

Lifetime Achievement Award

Founder the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Dr. Barnard has spent the past 30 years working to replace animal testing and experimentation with non-animal methods that better help human health.


In 1985, Dr. Barnard founded the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. At that time, the vast majority of U.S. medical schools used live animals—often dogs—as part of their physician training. But thanks to the work of the Physicians Committee, there are only two schools that continue to use animals. The rest have switched to validated, human-based...

Dr. Neal Barnard's Tribute



Kristy Hinze Clark

Humanitarian of the Year
Super Model and Animal Advocate


With an ardent enthusiasm and a true calling for both pets and philanthropy, Kristy Hinze Clark is a perfect choice for the Pet Philanthropy Circle’s “Humanitarian of the Year” Award.  Both Kristy and her husband, founder of Netscape, Jim Clark, work tirelessly to defend both animal and aquatic life. As philanthropists with a shared passion for animals and oceans, they are fierce advocates of rescuing and generously give to many shelters and marine conservation organizations around the world.  In 2010, Jim Clark won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for THE COVE. The film is a call to action to halt mass dolphin kills, change Japanese fishing practices...


Kristy Hinze Clark's Tribute


Candy Udell

Animal Advocate of the Year


As president of London Jewelers, Candy Udell is surrounded by precious jewels, her family and beloved pets. Not only is she devoted to them, she dedicates time to animal rescue, as well.  Over the years, she has supported numerous shelters and rescue organizations, both local and national, that have asked for her help.  Whether it has been Jack Hanna, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, the Wilds  (a private safari park and conservation center), Mainline Animal Rescue, the North Shore Animal League of America, or countless others, she always rises to the challenge.  Candy also serves on the board of Heart, an educational organization that teaches compassion in the schools, shelters, camps and other organizations...

Candy Udell's Tribute



Animal Cancer Foundation

Animal Health Award


Animal Cancer Foundation is the leading philanthropic organization committed to funding and accelerating comparative oncology research to find a cure for the millions of pets and people affected by cancer.


Since 1999, ACF has helped to focus the cancer research and philanthropic communities on the incidence of naturally occurring pet cancers, noting that one in four dogs, one in five cats and one in three people will contract cancer in their lifetimes.   ACF has drawn attention to the fact that the similarity of pet cancers, such as lymphoma, osteosarcoma, melanoma, sarcomas...

Animal Cancer Foundation's Tribute


Last Chance Animal Rescue, St. Francis Farm

Outstanding Sanctuary


Established by Last Chance Animal Rescue Founder, Whitney Knowlton, in 2013, St. Francis Farm is a companion animal sanctuary situated on 50 acres in Carlisle, SC. This farm is home to approximately 100 dogs and 200 cats on any given day.  Annually, this location serves to harbor thousands of animals as they embark on their journey to find their new forever families.


Additionally, there are many circumstances that may call on them to provide a permanent safe haven when a traditional home isn’t a fit for an animal; whether the reason is medical or behavioral, they believe that every animal has a right to life. St. Francis Farm has a lifelong...

Last Chance Animal Rescue's Tribute



Dr. Marty Goldstein

Outstanding Veterinarian of the Year


Dr. Marty Goldstein earned his DVM from Cornell University in 1973. He was certified by the Dr. Marty Goldstein earned his DVM from Cornell University in 1973. He was certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1977 and was one of the founding members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. Over the last four decades, Dr. Marty has given seminars on alternative therapies nationwide and has appeared on numerous regional and national radio and television programs, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Martha Show and Good Morning America. He is also the author of “The Nature of Animal Healing”, first published in 1999. It received excellent reviews and has continued to sell consistently ever since...

Dr. Marty Goldstein Tribute



The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Outstanding Rescue Organization


The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals has faced enormous challenges.  The vision was to transform the largest city in the United States into an urban environment where no dog or cat of reasonable health or temperament would be killed simply because they did not have a home.


As with any 501c3, funding was a serious issue. Though the name might imply that this effort has been financed by the city or by Bloomberg the NYC Mayor in office during their inception in 2003, the alliance is a privately funded organization that actually gives money to the city...


TheMayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals Tribute



Found Animals Foundation

Outstanding Foundation Pet Hero Award


The Found Animals Foundation was initiated in 2005 by Dr. Gary Michelson whose patented inventions have helped millions of patients.  Now, he and his wife, Alya focus on philanthropy.  Fortunately, one of his many passions is the happiness and safety of animals.  Found Animals is a privately-funded nonprofit dedicated to reversing the outcome for the three to four million animals euthanized each year in the United States.


Since inception, Found Animals programs have helped over 1,000,000 pets and their people through adoption, spay and neuter, micro-chipping and other initiatives.  This foundation has provided more than $12 million in funding for dozens of research projects worldwide...

Found Animals Foundation's Tribute



Outstanding Pet


This year’s Amazing Pet Hero Award winner, Brock, has a legacy that shadows the contributions of most human animal advocates.  Undaunted by the reputation of the breed stereotype, Debi Boies,   upon learning of Brock’s mistreatment, knew she had to rescue him.  Most of us have no idea of what a “bait dog” is or the pain it endures.  Scars on his face proved he had been slashed so the blood would encourage other fighting dogs to attack him. The points of his teeth had been filed off so that when other dogs were being trained to battle, he could not defend himself...


Read Brock's Tribute


Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Humanitarian of the Year

Celebrity, President of Royal Treatment and owner Royal Pet Club
Prince Lorenzo's Tribute



Andy Sabin

Outstanding Pet Philanthropist - Conservationist and Philanthropist
Andy Sabin's Tribute


Dr. David T. Crouch, DVM

Outstanding Veterinarian
David T. Crouch's Tribute



Angel On A Leash,
David Frei

Special Achievement Award
Read David Frei's Tribute

Friends of Finn, Amanda Hearst and Georgina Bloomberg

Outstanding Rescue Committee

Founder and Chair of Friends of Finn and Market editor at Marie Claire

Friends of Finn Tribute
with Amanda and Georgina


Jean Shafiroff

Outstanding Volunteer
Jean Shariroff's Tribute



“Maddy” Madelyn Grace with Angela Fletcher

Amazing Pet of the Year 
Maddie and Angela's Tribute


Christie Brinkley

Humanitarian of the Year

Actress & Supermodel

Christie Brinkley's Tribute



Main Line
Animal Rescue

Outstanding Rescue Organization

Main Line Animal Rescue's Tribute




Animal Welfare Education

ASPCA's Tribute



Teresa Meekins, DVM

Outstanding Veterinarian

Teresa Meekins's Tribute


Guardians of Rescue

Outstanding Volunteers

Guardians of Rescue's Tribute



Lou Wegner

Junior Ambassador Award

Actor, Founder of Kids Against
Animal Cruelty

Lou's Tribute



The Cesar Millan Foundation

Outstanding Foundation

Ceasar Millan Foundation's Tribute




Outstanding Corporation

Subaru Tribute



Jerome and Riki Shaw

Outstanding Philanthropist

Jerome and Riki Shaw's Tribute



Animal Rescue Fund
of the Hamptons

Shelter of the Year

Animal Rescue Fund
of the Hamptons's Tribute



An Act of Dog

Animal Welfare Arts

Act of Dog's Tribute



Jane Hoffman

Outstanding Director

Jane Hoffman's Tribute




Outstanding Dog

Frenchie's Tribute

Jill Rappaport

Pet Humanitarian of the Year

Jill Rappaport's Tribute



Sony Schotland,
Co-Founder of ARF
of the Hamptons and Southampton Animal Shelter

Founder's Award of the Year

Sony Schotland's Tribute



and Dr. Cynthia Otto

Amazing Pet Award

Dolce's Full Tribute

Pilots N Paws
Debi Boies

Rescue Organization of the Year

Pilots N Paws' Tribute



Sharon Levine
and Richard Rubin,

Baiting Hollow
Farm Vineyard
and Horse Rescue

Political Action Award

Sharon Levine
and Richard Rubin's Tribute



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